Generic domain names more valuable


generic-domain-namesWhen Calvin Ayre purchased the domain name for around $5.5million in June of this year the internet was awash with people wondering what on earth the man was doing. Had old age set in a bit too early for the man who loves a party? The fact that then came on the block and went for an estimated $13m showed as well as sex, domain names are big business.

Media Corp has recently put for sale and obviously, the gambling public is very excited by what would be seen in some circles as the domain name that you want if you’re offering just that. Popular domain name site, Elliot’s Blog, doesn’t seem to agree with this though.

An article on the site suggests that is not the heavy weight that many companies would consider building their site around. It goes on to say that a generic name along the lines of Slots, Blackjack, Poker, or Sports Bets, would be far better to build a brand around.

Taking the example of, it’s both a flexible name and can be sexed up if needs be. It’s also a great deal easier to spell than many other associated domain names. On the other side of the coin, you could look at a domain like Any person that sees that domain will immediately associate it one thing only. It’s difficult to move the values associated with the word, meaning it can be harder to make a true brand.

As a word, slots has a lot broader pre-existing values associated with it in addition with everything mentioned before. It will therefore be easier to modify the value package and eventually make a true brand out of the domain.

It’s not that won’t be good value up to a certain extent, but a sale of an amount a lot higher than may not be the wisest move. Obviously only time will tell and will break all records when it comes up for sale next year.