Let CalvinAyre.com manage your conference schedule for you

manage-your-conference-scheduleIf a groom fails to show up at his wedding, he’s pretty much guaranteed not to get lucky that night (at least, not with the bride). But if a gaming industry member forgets to show up at a specific conference, he could be well and truly fucked. CalvinAyre.com is here to save you from this fate.

CalvinAyre.com’s Online Gaming Conference Directory is already the most comprehensive source for industry meetings of all types, across all time zones. And while we do host one helluva party, CalvinAyre.com doesn’t host its own conference, so you can trust that our listings haven’t been cherry picked. If it’s of relevance to the online gaming industry, we’ll put it up there so you can take advantage of it.

Now we’ve gone one better, enabling you to integrate these conference listings into your Outlook schedule with a single click. That’s right. Stop juggling dates, times and locations in your head – one click and all that info is safely tucked away in that shiny digital device you call home.

Whether keeping you from missing an event or keeping you informed on gaming, sports and entertainment news, we here at CalvinAyre.com are hell bent on making life easier for gaming industry professionals. We’ve got more innovations in the pipeline, so keep your browser tuned right here.