World Series of Beer Pong heads to Vegas where it belongs

Gambling, carrying on and Beer Pong will be the theme in Las Vegas come January 1-5 at the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas. The World Series of Beer Pong is scheduled to blast off in Sin City to break in the new year, and for those beer pong studs, registration ends Dec 10, 2010.

Duncan Carroll, co-founder of said, “I had always imagined that the event would end up in Vegas. Vegas is one of the top destinations in the world … for entertainment and for [having] over-the-top, crazy productions.”

Anytime you hear the words “Beer Pong”, it instantly conjures up memories of awesome parties and fun with friends. Once a simple drinking game, it has now gained world notoriety and there are even beer pong professionals. The World Series of Beer Pong has seen exponential growth since its inception in 2006.

The simplicity of the game is what makes it so damn fun, generally speaking, all you have to do is shoot a ball onto the opposite end of a table where there is usually a pyramid of beer-filled cups. A player must land the ball inside one of the cups in order to score a point. Any balls that have been hit during a throw will require the opposite team to drink the beer in that cup. Of course, there are variations to the game, like my personal favorite, Strip Beer Pong.

In Strip Bong, the same general rules apply, with one fantastic variation, not only must losers drink the beer in the cup, but they must remove an article of clothing. As you can imagine, at a party with guys against girls, drinking, stripping and beer pong equate to awesome times.

If you have any skills in Beer Pong, you might want to sign up for this, the grand prize for winning the World Series of Beer Pong is $50K.