for sale to highest bidder

I wonder if is taken?

For most of us who came up during the internet boom, there was at least one juvenile day where we thought of the most random shit possible, threw a .com after it and checked the internet to see if it existed. As such, companies love to secure the most blatant and obvious domain name for their business, and often pay big money for them. This goes for everything from to (surprisingly, only one of those is a porn site), and now the online gambling industry is preparing for a bidding war as Media Corp has announced plans to put on sale in early 2011.

Media Corps CEO Justin Drummond claims that the company is placing the potentially lucrative domain name for sale to help fund new acquisitions, as the company has a long track record of buying popular domain names and flipping them for a profit.

“Whilst the group has significant cash reserves, we have recently seen a number of exciting acquisition opportunities in the online gambling and online advertising space,” Drummond told the press. “The successful sale of will give the group significant financial resources to pursue these acquisition opportunities.”