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banging-head-against-wallIn life, there’s an unwritten list of actions one should not carry out in the world. These would include not having sex on a beach in somewhere like Dubai, refraining from eating really messy food on the Washington Metro, and making jokes about bombs in airports. However much people tell you not to do this kind of thing there’s always going to be groups stupid enough to break life’s book of unwritten rules. Check these guys out

Here on the tablog we’re open to a lot of things – I mean having a tagline of gamblin’ drinkin’ and carryin’ leave you with a lot of room to maneuver. We’ve also been telling everyone the fact that Asia is one of the fastest growing sectors in the online gambling business, and will continue to be so for the coming years at least. Companies looking to start operating in Asian countries should have a list as long as their arm alluding to things they need to look out for. Sadly, for them, many don’t.

Muslim cultures are very restrictive about many different things we take for granted. This is something that we should all respect and not be stupid enough to flaunt. Here is where the gambling companies are just being plain stupid. Running an online gambling company in one of these cultures would be extremely irresponsible, and without naming names we know a number of operations are still using this as a base in spite of the constant attacks that they are subject to

As just one example, knows of one live dealer B2B operator, with business development formerly based in Macau, having chosen Malaysia as their new base because (and I quote) “it offers better security for their staff than the Chinese gambling enclave”. The jails must be a lot better in Malaysia or something because there is no way there is any other security happening for the staff of this hapless company. This same group has a license in the Philippines and has their live dealer studio there, why would they be stupid enough to move a portion of their operations to Kuala Lumpur?

Lastly, if any online gaming companies needed any examples of crackdowns that have happened in the Malaysia over the past year or so, you needn’t even look further than here on August saw a Malaysian online sports betting syndicate targeted, there’s been continual extremism pressure for total gambling prohibition, even grannies have been busted for gambling online. This was all after a summer in which the World Cup saw hundreds of gamblers arrested for illegal online gambling on more than one occasion, and with crackdowns early in the year as well it’s we can’t reiterate how totally brainless it would be to enter these territories. However, as is also our philosophy here on….we think everyone should be allowed to choose their own poison. Links below for reference:

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