Tony G has say on Hellmuth’s impending departure from

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hellmuth-tony-gThis year was supposed to bring everything Phil Hellmuth still wanted to achieve on the poker circuit. We had that entrance to remember back in July at the WSOP in Las Vegas, which may have even put Calvin Ayre’s famed entrances in a dim light, and the MMA style model-clad entrance was supposed to signal at least a 12th bracelet – maybe even a 13th. As we get closer to December and the end of the year, it’s not looking too rosy for the holder of 11 bracelets.

Just yesterday, we reported that Hellmuth was on the verge of leaving This opened up the debate on where he might end up, and who should be around to stick his oar in. I’ll give you one guess…he wants bling for his dog that he doesn’t have himself.

Tony G, if you didn’t get it already. The PartyPoker player’s latest blog, apart from again talking about buying Peter Eastgate’s bracelet, analyses where Hellmuth may end up.

To say that the “G” man finds it amusing is an understatement as he seems to pick off every single company that the 11-TIME (yes Tony, that’s 11 to your…0) WSOP champion could end up joining.

For me, it would be rather amusing for Team PartyPoker to take on Hellmuth. The reaction of Tony G would be fun enough in itself.


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