One reason why likes Bet365

bet365newWhen it comes to online gaming companies a great deal are looking to shake up what they’re doing right now. Sportingbet and Unibet may well be heading for the second major merger in recent months after “Pwin” became the first. We’ve also had Betfair threaten to leave whilst also becoming a public company in the process – thankfully not everyone is singing from the same warped hymn sheet as Betfair where this is concerned.

In an exclusive article on eGaming Review, the founder and majority shareholder at Bet365, Denise Coates, explains that her company “will never float” and remain private for at least as long as she’s in charge. As the largest world’s leading online gaming operator this gives some indication of the way the industry will be heading in the future. Bet365 is obviously going the right way about things and the private business model is one that also agrees wholeheartedly with. If there’s anyone who deserves a large glass of wine it’s Ms Coates.

This private view is one also echoed by a number of other companies and gaming industry personalities, not least Calvin Ayre. Calvin has been very vocal in his support for the private model even inviting employees disgruntled at the bwin/PartyGaming merger to join him.

We can only continually congratulate Ms Coates and her company on this unanimous decision while we go on telling anyone who’ll listen that private is the way forward for the industry – however much people like Norbert Teufelberger try to tell everyone differently.