CMC markets are the best spread betting service

peter-cruddasThe industry Oscars, aka the eGR awards, are just over a week away, however, one spread betting company has already received an award on behalf of another magazine. Talk about greed!

CMC markets are unlikely to win an award at the eGR’s but they were awarded “Best Spread Betting Service” by readers of Shares Magazine at the Shares Awards 2010. That’s a lot of sharing if you ask me.

Executive chairman, and co-founder Peter Cruddas, commented: “This is a great moment for CMC Markets because it reflects all the hard work and energy that we’ve put into transforming our technology in order to give our customers the best possible user-experience. Customers are at the heart of our business and we never forget that. We are passionate about our product and we are continually looking at new ways to help investor’s trade financial markets.”

CMC had already launched an iPhone App earlier this year, again illustrating the importance of mobile handsets to all manner of betting services and how they will continue to shape the industry’s future.