Ding dong the Bama gambling task force is dead!

Hats off to Alabama governor elect Robert Bentley, he hasn’t solved the state’s employment issues and he didn’t legalize gambling but he’s done the next best thing in his first morning on the job, he’s disbanded the governor’s task force on illegal gambling.

It’s not bad for a first day’s work, but there’s certainly more to be done on the gambling front. Now after dismantling Gov Riley’s “illegal task force on gambling” his next task will be to provide some clarification on exactly what the law on electronic bingo is and what is and what isn’t legal.

It’s certainly a sigh of relief for places like Country Crossing and Victoryland who had previously been forced to close their doors against the Viking raids of Riley’s task force. There’s now a glimmer of hope for the state of Alabama, a hope that coherence will be restored and proper legislation will be drafted and clear lines will be drawn as to what is permissible as far as gambling is concerned. Perhaps a day in Alabama is on the horizon where residents can shoot dice without being arrested and people can play electronic bingo in peace without swat teams raiding in on their entertainment. Fingers crossed, Alabama, fingers crossed.