Mexico gets Poker Channel, New Mexico election could be decided by poker game

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poker-channel-mexicoFresh off securing a three-year partnership with the Game Show Network to broadcast High Stakes Poker across Europe, the Poker Channel has reached a deal to launch a Spanish-language product in Mexico. Poker Channel programming will now be viewable on Mexican cable channels Cablevision, Cablecom, Megacable, Telecable and Cablemas.

A little further north in New Mexico, a county commissioner election has ended up with each candidate receiving 1,004 votes. With recounts having solved nothing, state law now requires the two would-be commissioners to face off in a game of chance, i.e. flipping a coin, drawing straws or cutting cards. However, Chaves County clerk Rhoda Coakley has suggested an alternative. “Play a game of five-card stud and whoever had the best hand would win.” Frankly, we think all elections should be decided this way. Imagine how much more fun a Bush v. Gore poker tourney would have been than that interminable Supreme Court drama in the year 2000.


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