Affiliate Guard Dog dogged by malware attack

affiliate-guard-dog-malwareAs Burma (or Myanmar) prepares for its first election in 20 years, a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack has overwhelmed the country’s internet systems. The attacks, which began on Oct. 25, reached a peak of 10-15 gigabits of data per second, while Burmese infrastructure can only support a maximum of 45 megabits/second. There are growing suspicions that the ruling military government itself arranged for the attacks in an effort to prevent the outside world getting any info on how the Nov. 7 elections are conducted. Pricks.

Closer to home, online gambling affiliate advocates (AGD) were also recently troubled by malicious online chicanery. (Burmese generals are not suspected.) On Oct. 22, the site was injected with software that tried to redirect AGD clients to third party sites loaded with Trojan Horses, but software superheroes were called in and AGD wishes to assure everyone that all ‘backdoors’ have been subsequently locked and bolted. The site is also conducting forensic examinations to determine if the culprits left any identifying fingerprints behind. Sic ‘em, boy!