Mount Everest gets a 3G Internet connection

mount-everestThe Internet has completely changed the way everyone lives and is likely to continue to do so for many years to come. It’s transformed everything and nowadays it’s even easier to talk to that annoying uncle who you’d thought had forgotten you existed. News of the latest place that you can access 3G networks will be the music to the ears of anyone stupid enough to want to climb the highest mountain in the world.

Nepalese telecoms firm Ncell have announced that a 3G network is now available on Mount Everest primarily for climbers to contact loved ones, but it opens a wealth of opportunities for anyone taking part in an expedition to the summit. If you get bored on the way up I wonder whether it would now be possible to order something from say and get it delivered whilst you’re climbing? Maybe Dominos Pizza will choose to open up a service for climbers on Everest?

Better still, iGaming has identified Asia as a growth area and this continues to illustrate why. We already have a site that was designed primarily with this development in mind, Everest Poker, and with 3G on the world’s highest mountain, there’s scope for a new breed of climber.