The UK internet economy worth £100bn

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uk-internet-economyEven though it’s been around for some time, you still feel some people in the UK still don’t get the Internet. They’ve acknowledged it’s there; well some of the population haven’t even done this. What’s wrong with books, they will say. We can listen to music on the transistor or the family gramophone so why all this fuss about MP3’s?

Thankfully the majority of the UK aren’t members of this oh-so-exclusive of groups. That’s if a survey commissioned by Google is anything to go by. The research found that the Internet accounts for 7.2% of the UK’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP); almost the same as the financial sector. Britain’s “net economy” is now worth almost £100bn, which will be hard for even the Internet’s staunchest critics to ignore.

This news all adds significant backing to the burgeoning iGaming industry, the centre of which is the UK’s capital city, London. As for the small minority still not online: come and join in. Unless you’re looking to become part of the Anti-Porn Men Project we’ll make sure you feel very welcome, and you might even end up gaining more friends as well as winning a bit of money, if you fancy a flutter.


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