EiG Day 1 Party Review: C&W Party and Rosie McGees

EiG Day 1 Party

EiG Day 1 PartyHere we are in Copenhagen, the land of blonds, Hans Christian Anderson, Tivoli Gardens and COLD. So what is there left to do after the EiG expo has closed for the day? Network while drinking of course! The conclusion of the first day of EiG left delegates with several options, the Cable and Wireless Party at the Fabulous Ketchup Restaurant and the EiG Kick Off Party at Rosie McGees.

The fifth annual Cable and Wireless party is one of the most highly anticipated events each year at EiG, and this year stood out from the rest because of the entertainment that was organized thanks to Jodie of Lyceum Media. To our complete surprise, two drummers dressed as waiters emerged from the kitchen and used restaurant and bar furniture, walls, floors, and plastic trash cans to hammer out their beats for the crowd to enjoy. After the entertainment which clearly amazed everyone in attendance, the open bar continued, the music and dance floor picked up, and guests remained networking and chatting until the early morning hours.

Right around the corner at the infamous Irish Bar from EiG 2009, Rosie McGee’s, Clarion arranged an evening of Irish-style drinking for all delegates. The night got pretty ugly as drunken male patrons sang out loud to Rosie McGee’s amazing 80’s music and a few even hit the dance floor (or their booth) with some outrageous dance moves. Amazing that all of this was happening in a bar full of guys. This is precisely why we like to travel with the Ayre Heads, a very welcomed surprise for the glassy eyed industry men who were busting a move upon our arrival. The beautiful ladies were a complete crowd pleaser at the Kick Off Party and we’re pretty sure that the Rosie McGees cleaning staff enjoyed cleaning up the drool off the floor when the night was over.

Checkout the picture gallery & the daf award at the EiG 2010 Cable & Wireless party & Rose McGees.