NEOVIA payment provider for the world’s top poker sites

poker moneyWhen it comes to providing payment solutions for poker sites it’s one of the factors that will top of any list of requirements a site has. The provider should be reputable and have the best interests of customers at heart. When you consider this requirement and find a supplier of services that give you success, the industry act as if they’re a massive herd of sheep. This may explain why Neovia Financial Plc have been gloating about the fact that they now count 23 of the 25 leading poker sites in the world amongst their customers.

They have chosen this week’s EiG in Copenhagen to announce this to the masses obviously hoping that a few drinks may well be heading their way at the plethora of parties that are taking place. Either this or they are going to try and tie up the last two of the top 25 poker companies so that they can indeed say they have the top 25. Who knows?

NEOVIA’s system works by allowing customers to use the NETELLER e-wallet to play poker rather than depositing money directly into a gaming site. The e-wallet makes it easier for players to keep track of any deposits and withdrawals, and a safe place to store winnings.

Dan Starr, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for NEOVIA said: “The EiG show is the European internet gaming event of the year. What better place to announce the news that the online poker industry continues to see the business benefits of working with NEOVIA and our offerings.”