GTECH G2 uses EiG to announce new casino product

SherlockIf you’re attending the EiG in Copenhagen over the coming three days then you might be more worried about how to not look hungover than anything else. If not this then sitting at the Microgaming Bar for the entire three days could also be your idea of a perfect vacation in Denmark. If you’re in either of these two states don’t be worried if you notice Sherlock Holmes wandering the conference floors or even at a few of the evening’s parties – he’s supposed to be there!

GTECH G2, a leading iGaming software provider, are releasing a new casino branded slot game based on London’s super sleuth and have chosen the party orientated EiG in order to get the word out there. Attendees heading over to the GTECH G2 stand will be able to get a sneak preview of the new slot game as well as the other content released in GTECH’s latest casino software update.

Whilst searching for comment we found a man only visible as a silhouette and claiming to be Dominic Mansour, Head of Gaming Products at GTECH G2.

“I’m sure branded content like the Sherlock Holmes slots game and the Chippendales mini game embedded in our bingo product will turn a few heads on the exhibition floor,” he said.

So after picking up your first drink or three at the Microgaming Bar head over to GTECH G2 to sample their Sherlock Holmes game – if you can find it that is. Also, head back here for additional EiG coverage later in the week