EiG Copenhagen startup award hopeful, known for their sports/poker hybrid games are among some of the companies that will be attending the EiG Copenhagen Conference taking place later this month.

Passoker launched Prize Passoker earlier this year, which offers players a chance to win sporting memorabilia as a well as a rollover cash jackpot.

The Passoker poker-style game is basically an in-play product where users play during televised sporting events. During the live sporting games, players are placed on tables and awarded on every occurrence of a sporting incident, like a goal or free kick in soccer, or a double fault in tennis and so on.

The idea is pure ingenuity, and Passoker is looking to be recognized for it at the EiG Copenhagen Conference. But competition for the start up award will be tight. Binary Bourse, Bowery Sports, FrientBet and World Tournaments Online are worthy competitors for the award.

This is one of the more popular features of the EiG Copenhagen Conference. The Start-Up Launchpad debuts on the first day of EiG and each company is given a 10 minute time slot in which they must impress a panel of industry experts. This year’s panel includes Melissa Blau, director of iGaming Capital, Alexis Murphy, director of International Investment and Underwriting, Evan Hoff, director of Capricorn Capital Consulting, and Lee Richardson, CEO of Green Lane Investments.

Following the pitches, Q&A sessions will take place and judges will lay down their opinions on which start-up they would likely invest in, after which the audience of some 1500 industry professionals will have an opportunity to vote to declare the 2010 Startup Launchpad winner.