Czech company goes public

stock_exchangeIf mention the Czech Republic to people it’s not unusual for them to turn round to you and tell of the crazy nights out they had in Prague, and the fact that they’re a proud owner of one of those annoying “Czech Mate” t-shirts. They may even babble on about some really hot Czech bird that they got with in a club one night. The picture painted may well give you the impression that the eastern European nation would be a good destination for anyone’s upcoming stag-do you can latch onto.

In terms of internet betting, the activity was only made legal last year and almost half the market is controlled by foreign operators. One of the country’s own operators, Fortuna, have announced that they are planning to take Betfair’s lead, and take the company into public ownership – you just wait till Calvin hears about this!

The group, who currently do business in Slovakia as well as the Czech Republic, plan to list on the exchanges in Bratislava, Warsaw, and Prague, maybe signaling that they may enter the Polish market in the near future. All this comes off the back of Fortuna reporting 12% growth over the last year, and they hope by listing it may help them to challenge the foreign companies operating in their country.