BT and Ofcom help out iGaming industry

broadbandBeing one of the members of the BT hierarchy right now must feel like a married couple whose kids are still living at home well into their late teens/early twenties. You persist with buying things (TVs, food, maybe a new car) for the house you own, only for your “kids” to make full use of then, usually more than you do. If you’re in that predicament you can probably sympathise with BT.

The telecoms giant announced last month that they are hoping to roll out fibre optic cables across Cornwall, and then England. Now Ofcom have decided that they will have to let other companies use their cabling network to provide competition in the sector. This is good news for the millions who use the internet to gamble, watch pornography, and download music illegally, and will be a boost to the iGaming industry which is already experiencing heavy growth as outlined by iGaming Business.

A shred of consolation for BT comes with the fact that they will be able to charge what they want to for the use of their fibre optic cables.