Only way is up for Nevada

nevada welcomeAs the world recession hit it was only a matter of time until people stopped jetting over to Las Vegas to spend the money they don’t have, and instead looked at more affordable ways to gamble their money – for example I hear there’s this thing called the iGaming which has taken off in recent times.

Observers are reporting that unemployment is at around 14.4% in the state of Nevada, the highest in the United States, which is a stark contrast to the 3.8% that was seen in the state only 10 years ago. In Vegas itself the rate reaches 14.7%. Although many involved feel that the economy will eventually rebound once people have the one commodity they really need when gambling – money. Room rates themselves are as low as they’ve been in a long time, so anyone with a bit of wonga might well be rather silly not to visit the desert. If you don’t fancy gambling that much, try and recreate some scenes from The Hangover.

To make matters worse one Vegas hotel has taken it upon themselves to randomly blast whoever they want to with their new death ray, coming down from their 57-storey casino-less hotel. Oh and then there’s that beast Macau that everyone in Vegas so chastises.