Washington state cash players no longer welcome at PokerStars

PokerStars-Washington-StateAfter the Washington state Supreme Court rejected an appeal of the state’s four-year-old anti-online gambling laws last week, PokerStars has sent state residents emails informing them that cash play on the site is no longer an option. In the emails, the company claims that whereas they’d previously operated under the belief that the state did not have the constitutional authority to regulate online poker, the Court’s ruling had effectively rendered the company’s stance as untenable, so don’t let the door hit your ass on your way out, okay, Washingtonians?

Of course, when you’re the world’s largest online poker site, even having the entire map of Washington state go black won’t put a significant dent in your liquidity. That legendary liquidity was on display on Sept. 22, when PokerStars set a new unofficial record for the most cash players in action at the same time. The total of 105,230 players came during the company’s 50 billionth hand promotion, and broke the old mark of 103,010 which was set back in February during their 40 billionth hand promotion. Sense a pattern here?