Victor Chanlder scores bullseye with sport themed slots

victor chandler dartsFor sports fans, not much else beats playing sports or watching them on television, that is unless if it was somehow possible to combine sports playing with beer and gambling all at the same time. Well, the dream has become a reality at Victor Chandler. Victor Chandler has a wide array of sport themed slots that the sport fan will drool over, including the uber popular Darts online slots game.

You get a couple of buddies together, have a couple of brews, and you don’t go to some pub, you can play a few rounds of darts online. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Victor Chandler is taking it to a whole another level this week. There’s only one thing that can beat playing Darts online in the comfort of your own home, with a couple buddies and a couple female friends and more than a couple brews, and that’s playing darts online for free. This week Victor Chandler is offering the Darts online game for free to players and for those looking to sign up accounts, they’re getting an extra £175 in bonus cash.

It’s an excellent marketing strategy, show me someone who doesn’t like something good for free and I’ll show you an idiot. The popularity of the Darts online game shows the massive appeal of sport themed slots. The concept is simple, you’re combining the entertaimment of playing slots, with the excitement and thrill of sports, it’s a marriage made in online heaven.

There other sports that are just perfect for slots, well, quasi sports I suppose. Like bowling for example makes an excellent slot game that people can play for hours. Bob’s Bowling Bonanza is bowling themed slot game, but it’s not quite as cool in my opinion as VC’s Darts. I’m thinking a really cool baseball themed slot would be a homerun in the online market, but it has to be done properly, like the Darts online game, you have to kind of feel like you’re playing the actual game.

Of course, there are certain sports that should never ever under any circumstance be made into online themed slots, because they’ll be just cool as they are to watch on tv, which isn’t very cool at all… For example, field hockey, Canadian football, and last but not least cricket, that is unless they allow you to fix the outcomes.