Message boards calling for Casino Club to Pay da Ger-Man

It’s a hot topic in almost every player message board on the net, and it threatens to ruin the harmony between player and casino operator, actually, more specifically, player and Casino Club operator relations.

It all started in 2008 when a German gambler “won” an online progressive jackpot, worth €167,500 an amount for which the player has seen exactly zero, nada, nothing, paid out to him. The actual details of this story are immense and complicated.

The entity responsible for ensuring secure and safe gaming, the LGA remains on the sidelines of this case, it appears that Casino Club is using a legal loop hole which stipulates that gambling debts are unenforceable under Malta law.

Already you can see how messy this whole thing is getting. On the one hand, the LGA has a mandate to license and regulate the operations of Malta-registered operators, but how can it operate with due diligence when there is a legal loophole that enables those same operators to evade their obligations to pay out on a win? Worse yet, what does this mean for the rest of the Malta licensed operators? That creaking sound, is Pandora’s box slowly being cracked wide open.

Casino Club has made their own accusations against the German man, saying he’s guilty of fraud, collusion, and pretty much every offense in the online casino black book of “no-no’s”. However proof of such infractions by the German man have yet to come to the forefront.

This situation doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, and one can’t reasonably expect it to, not with a gambler being out such a substantial sum of money, the gambling community is outraged and they want answers. Read over all the facts of the case, and ask yourself, should Casino Club pay da Ger-man? Or is this something that must be drawn out in civil court?

We’re as pro industry as it gets, but what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. If the German man is guilty of the infractions Casino Club has accused him of, then they have every right to withhold his winnings, so long as they have proof. If they can’t prove he was involved in any foul play, then it’s hard for me not to say Pay Da Man!