Mobile phones cause shift in spread betting behavior

TAGs: mobile phones, spread betting

Mobile-Phones-Spread-BettingAs smart phones become ever more commonplace, spread betting clients in the UK are taking full advantage. With auto refreshing charts and the ability to open and close positions at virtually any place or time, traders are doing just that, causing the percentage of transactions made via mobile device to leap five-fold in just the past 10 months.

There are obvious parallels here with the mobile gaming market, particularly for in-running. Bets are increasingly being made away from the desktop, and woe to any operator who doesn’t have a quality app capable of handling all that traffic. Even more familiar to our industry, the mobile phenomenon has alarmed some of spread betting’s old-schoolers, who tut-tut over the possibility that the pervasive technology will lead to traders making rash, impulsive decisions. Can’t wait for some fame-hungry member of Parliament to mimic his American counterpart by bombarding the media with a “bet with the City, life gets shitty” meme.


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