Anti-gambling Canucklehead professor set to underwhelm Down Under

Professor-Down-UnderWe’ve mentioned Professor Robert Williams of the Aberta Gambling Research Institute and his ‘state-run gambling sites are the gateway drugs of the betting world’ standup comedy routine before. Finding less and less people in North America willing to listen to his (since discredited by Harvard studies) claims that online gamblers are three to four times more likely to develop gambling addiction than their land-based counterparts, Prof. Williams is taking his act overseas.

Williams is scheduled to make a presentation, presumably involving PowerPoint slides and everything, on the pros and cons (okay, mostly the cons) of legalized internet gambling at Cutting Edge, the ‘biggest annual event’ on the addiction sector’s calendar in Auckland, New Zealand. We’re hesitant to call the Kiwis suckers for (we assume) paying the nutty professor’s freight all the way from Alberta, but so long as they made him pay to ship his massive ego, we think they got off lightly.