March Madness bettors ‘gambling with their lives’

TwoPlusTwoClearly, the madness ain’t confined to the NCAA hardwood. Self-described ‘gambling expert’ Timothy W. Otterman is bemoaning the popularity of the seasonal office pools, declaring that “something as simple as completing a $10 bracket might be the start of a behavior that could lead to addiction.” ‘Might’ being the operative word here, but hell, why bother distinguishing possibility from probability when that ‘might’ prevent you from appearing on Dr. Phil as an ‘expert witness’?

Fuck it, let’s take ‘gateway drug’ conclusions to their logical extreme, shall we? Have you ever noticed how many junkies began life sucking at their momma’s teat? Evidently, mother’s milk is the satanic lubricant that greases the slippery slope to heroin addiction. But wait, what about all those other junkies who were bottle-fed as infants? No sense taking chances – ‘just say no’ to feeding babies, then. You’re welcome. Read more.