Potential Vegas club exile won’t hurt Paris Hilton in the long run

Paris-Hilton-Vegas-ExileParis Hilton has officially been charged with felony possession of cocaine following last weekend’s run-in with the law in Las Vegas. As a result, speculation is running rampant that the Vegas clubs that used to pay her lavish sums to drink and dance in their venues will now treat her like a penny found on a men’s room floor, rather than risk earning the ire of the image-sensitive regulators in charge of approving liquor licenses.

I’m sure if we were to ask Calvin Ayre, he’d say that Paris will do just fine without any Las Vegas love. See, through tireless promotion, Paris has built herself a GLOBAL brand, which means that even if all the clubs in North America suddenly got the hypocritical heebie jeebies about her walking through their door, that leaves only six more continents (uh, there are nightclubs in Antarctica, right?) worth of venue managers who will still be outbidding each other in the hope of seeing Paris shake her ass on their club’s dance floor. Read more.