Poker rooms in Florida flourish as global online poker slumps

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Global-Online-Poker-SlumpsThe recent introduction of no-limit action at Florida’s poker rooms has resulted in a whopping 35% increase in revenues for the month of July. While one month is hardly an accurate barometer of long-term fortunes, and the novelty factor will presumably abate in coming months, the operators of these poker rooms are feeling pretty good about the future.

Online poker, on the other hand, is stuck in a rut and growing ever more pessimistic. noted a 1.1% drop in traffic last week, with overall traffic down 4% on the year. Blame for the downward trend gets laid on everything from a glut of operators, World Cup distractions, and the ever popular ‘Blame PokerStars’ meme. Solutions are harder to come by than excuses, with some operators seemingly content to hang on in anticipation of a liberalized US market, although when that day will come is still anyone’s guess. So what’s to be done? Read more.


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