Five reasons why poker beats horse racing

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poker girlFootball was only away for around a month but now it’s back so everyone has something to do with their Saturday afternoons, but one writer for the Guardian newspaper has poured scorn over football in favour of his love, horse racing. Read more.

Horse racing is the so called ‘sport of kings,’ but in response to this story we’ve compiled five reasons as to why poker and online gaming would happily layeth the smacketh down on a load of mules traipsing round a track.

1. Anyone can play poker

Now unless you’re freakishly small, Irish, or have some kind of royal ancestry in your family then it’s doubtful that you’ll have ever raced on horses. Poker, on the other hand, is open to anyone really. Obviously the top level of the game is reserved for those who are really good, but it’s the kind of sport where a rags to riches story really is possible, and by practising like mad you could appear at some point in TV in the future. Why they wont create races for jockeys that are a normal height (6ft or above) and an average weight I’ll never know. You’d feel a lot more enamoured to the sport.

2. There’s a number of very glamorous female poker pros

If you can tell me the last time you saw a female jockey dismount a horse and think phwoaarrr, then I’ll delete this one from the top five. So the justification for this one? For a start there’s Liv Boeree. Not only does she play poker, she models, plays in a heavy metal band, and graduated with a degree in astrophysics. Couple this with the fact that at most major poker events there’s a bevy of beauties to feast your eyes on, it’s little wonder that people would rather look at them than a bunch of horses

3. Las Vegas is the home of gambling

It’s a case of where you’d rather take your holidays. Sun, sand, casinos, marriage parlours, plush hotels…the list goes on for Las Vegas. Horse racing? Home is in Newmarket in Suffolk. Now don’t get me wrong there’s a racecourse and plenty of country pubs, but if you find anyone awake past about 6pm you’ll be lucky. You’ve obviously then got the home of the Grand National: Aintree, near to Liverpool. Probably best off staying in Aintree if you fancy your car being in one piece when you return to it.

4. Don’t have to include the Royal Family

Being named the sport of kings does have quite a drawback – you have to include the spongers in all your functions. Not that poker or the gambling world would specifically exclude the Queen if she so wished to chance her hand at the roulette wheel – hell we’d actively encourage it, as long as she embraced the culture that went with it and everything.

5. It’s, well…fun
Taking nothing away from horse racing, but playing poker and casino games is very fun when you get the hang of it. Horse Racing’s fun to a certain extent, but watching National Hunt on a cold April afternoon isn’t as appealing as the flashing lights of a casino at the same time of year.


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