ESPN loses nose up Lebron James’ backside

TAGs: Arash Markazi, ESPN, Lebron James

ESPN-Lebron-JamesHow big a star is Lebron James? Big enough to get “The Worldwide Leader in Sports” to spike a story off their website detailing Lebron enjoying himself at a recent party in Vegas. Writer Arash Markazi has since been publicly thrown into the volcano by ESPN as an apparent sacrifice to appease the basketball god. I guess they were afraid that Lebron might never talk to another ESPN reporter ever again, and thus ESPN watchers might have to look elsewhere on their television dial to learn vital information like “We’ve got to play more as a team” or “Everyone has to give 110%.” The real crazy thing is that there’s really nothing in Markazi’s article that’s all that scandalous, unless your puritanical mind could never conceive the possibility that a 25-year old bazillionaire athlete might enjoy the notion of girls not wearing panties. But hey, judge for yourself by reading the spiked article here.


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