Ascot Sports head hits out at spineless Malaysian government

The head of Berjaya Corp, Tan Sri Vincent Tan, has for the first time vented his frustrations at the Malaysian government for reneging on their agreement to award his company, Ascot Sports, a football betting license – and quite right too.

Short-sighted Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has shown all the backbone of a jellied octopus after caving in to the religious extremists who have been railing against gambling and its perceived evils. In fact, octopods are considerably more reliable than these supposed political sages.

As Tan says, “With no proper regulation, only the illegal bookies, loan sharks and underground syndicates will profit handsomely from these unlicensed activities whilst the government is losing billions of ringgit in tax revenue.” At least someone’s got some balls. Well said that Tran. I mean, Tan. Read more.