Malaysian Culture Minister tells religious protesters to get a grip

Religious protesters have been the chief obstacle standing in the way of the Malaysian government’s stated goal of legalizing sports betting. Muslim opposition has been so dogmatic, their spokesmen claim they’re not even interested in having any of the government’s gambling proceeds directed towards Muslim charities. That’s right — they’d prefer to see children go hungry rather than be fed by food bought with ‘dirty’ money.

That’s fucked up, according to Malaysia’s Culture Minister Datuk Seri Utama Rais Yatim. Okay, he didn’t actually say ‘fucked up’, but he did say that “the purists are being very sentimental and emotional … being uncomfortable is one thing, but being objective is another, and you have to think objectively in this matter.” He also reminds the protestors that the Malaysian government represents a multi-racial, multi-denominational society, not a strictly Muslim one. Sounds like somebody’s bucking for the #1 spot on this year’s ‘Malaysia’s Top Infidels’ chart… Read more.