Poker pro Andrew Feldman sues rabbi over spread bet

TAGs: Andrew Feldman, Rabbi Nissim, spread betting

rabbiThough still at the fledgling stage of his career Andrew Feldman as gone a long way in poker. Unfortunately, his instincts at spotting a bluffer are not quite so sharp away from the felts – especially not when that bluffer happens to be a rabbi.

Somehow the pair’s religious chat resulted in the 22-year-old allowing rabbi Nissim to place spread bets for him on the Dow Jones. One can only assume that Feldman believed his friend’s contact with the man upstairs would ensure he made a tidy profit.

But God was on neither man’s side and Nissim ended up pissing £140,000 up the wall, much to the chagrin of Feldman, who is unlikely to be paying any trips to the synagogue soon. Not unless his latest prayers are answered in the law courts anyway. Read more.


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