Four years on, UIGEA finally starts taking scalps

ScalpedThe Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) that the Bush administration attached to the port security act (in the dead of night, mere hours before it was voted on, yada yada yada, you know the story) back in 2006 has finally claimed its first scalp. A Massachusetts resident is facing racketeering and money laundering charges in connection with his role in a gambling business that utilized an Antiguan internet site, but operated in the continental United States. This guy was apparently running a credit network inside the U.S. while feeding the bets into an Antiguan-licensed operation. Credit betting is illegal in Antigua, so it looks like these guys are up the creek in both countries. Antiguan officials need to investigate this and make sure the industry understands that this will not be tolerated. Read more.