What’s Hurting Lebron James?

mo-williamsLebron James appears to be a titan among men. He’s six feet eight inches tall and weighs around 250 lbs. Physically, he may be one of the most athletically gifted and strongest athletes the sporting world has ever seen. So, with that said, is it possible that Lebron James is injured?

It’s the worst kept secret in the playoffs and the most talked about elbow since Kevin Garnett got suspended for giving Q Richardson the business. It’s an elbow that has bettors a little nervous about the Cavaliers and it’s an elbow that no one from the Cavs camp wants to talk about. He shot a free throw left handed, at first I thought it was a joke, but then reports started to fly that Lebron had a wonky elbow. Lebron has since refused to get a second MRI on the elbow, so everyone is left in the dark. One thing is for sure, Lebron wasn’t himself in Game 2.

James finished Game 2 with 24 points 7 rebounds and 4 assists, numbers that are well shy of his season and postseason averages. But perhaps the most disturbing part was the hesitation in his game. Lebron seemed uncomfortable out there and reluctant to shoot the ball from the outside, and that has to worry bettors and Cavs fans.

Personally, I don’t think Lebron’s elbow is the biggest concern in this series. If Lebron is hurting, he’s hurting from the lack of production from his teammates, particularly Mo Williams and Shaq. Williams shot 1 for 9 and finished with just 4 points in Game 2 while his counterpart Rondo balled the fuck out. As for Shaq, his shooting woes continue as he’s just 8 for 22 since returning from his thumb injury. Antawn Jamison wasn’t able to control Kevin Garnett in Game 2 and he only was able to contribute a very quiet 16 points.

There’s plenty of question marks in betting on the Cleveland Cavaliers right now, Game 3 tips off tonight and Boston is slightly favored by odds makers to take this one.