Al-Fayed’s Fulham make Europa Cup Final in Bodog’s first year as sponsors

FulhamCelebration2Occasionally, you are at one of those events where you don’t need to throw in endless superlatives or over use words like ‘awesome’ or ‘magical’ to make it sound better – you just have a very genuine adrenaline rush and every now and again sport delivers just that in a way little else ever can.

Kids, don’t bother with Meow, Meow or whatever the new thing on the streets is – get yourself a ticket to a Fulham game and head down to Craven Cottage. If you were there last night, you’d never look back.

When Bodog Europe signed up to be Fulham‘s online betting partner just days before the new season started last year, did we expect them to be FA Cup 1/4 finalists? No. Did we expect them to be in a European Final? Hell, no. But what we did see was an awful lot of similarities between the club and ourselves so what we did know was anything is possible.

Both in a highly competitive market, both given little attention by the established ‘big names’ (thanks guys) and both having the exact same work ethic; work bloody hard, play even harder and enjoy the ride. Some ride, eh?

What’s also striking about Fulham’s run to the Europa League Final is that they have not had a ‘good draw’, got lucky or avoided the big teams. They’ve played them all and beaten them all – often when coming from behind. I leave the synergy puns to you on that one.

Another over worked cliche is that its a ‘team effort’ but nobody could deny this about Fulham; the team, the outstanding manager and, of course, their owner, Mohammed Al-Fayed all deserve praise in equal measure. Fulham have beaten the holders, the German Champions, Juventus and the Europa Cup hosts to get where they are. Come on May 12th, just Madrid left. And thank you, Fulham, for last night – a genuine “I was there night” to remember.