No. 8 Seeds Step Up In NBA Playoffs

lebronjamesWith both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers up 2-0 in their respective series against the Oklahoma Thunder and the Chicago Bulls not many people were giving the No. 8 seeds any chance at all, many people were thinking sweep. Well, that’s not going to happen, both the Bulls and the Thunder pulled off the upset in Game 3.

It’s not surprising to me that the Thunder were able to beat the Lakers. After all, look at the Lakers lineup, as good as the starting five are, the bench is and has been weak, last week. They have no answer defensively at the point guard position for Russell Westbrook and as soon as Ron Artest comes off the floor Durant becomes un-guardable. Aside from the obvious, the Lakers recent playoff history is true reason why I wasn’t all that surprised over their Game 3 loss. Let’s not forget, the Lakers took 7 games last year to take down a lowly Rockets team that isn’t even in the playoffs this year. I won’t be surprised if the Thunder get one more on them, if not two! And yes, I am on that Durant hype train.

I am a little surprised the Bulls pulled of the upset in Game 3. Betting wise, it was a good call to pick them to cover in my opinion because of a few things they showed us leading into the playoffs. We knew they were scrappy, we knew they had been playing playoff type games leading into the playoffs, we knew they would compete. And we knew that Derrick Rose was the real deal. But I didn’t actually think they would win a game against the Cavs, nevermind against LeBron James, but it happened, and Kirk Heinrich had plenty to do with it. Captain Kirk shot the lights out and even though LeBron had a monster game it just wasn’t enough.

So now bettors are going to be getting a little more gully with the 8 seeds. Chicago Fan is yelling forget the spread, if they can win one, why not two, why not three? I’m not losing my cool. I’m sticking to the spread, I like the Bulls swagger, but I would be shocked if they stole another one.