Suspension Axe Falls On Roethlisberger

benroethlisbergerposeIs it on par with killing dogs? Isn’t it on the level of toting guns and making it rain on strippers? I’m talking about rape. It’s something that everyone can understand how it comes about but it should only happen…once. The real cool cats don’t even get accused of cheating on their 20 year old college girlfriend more than… once. It’s like getting it on with that pretty girl with the big tits and no legs, it can happen…once.

Roger Goodell deliberated on a suitable punishment for Ben Roethlisberger for his questionable off field behavior. Let’s keep in mind, creepy Ben was never actually charged for anything, and he’s not going to do any jail time, so as they say, it is what it is. Cough rape cough. Goodell ended up slapping Ben with six games and a “therapy” consignment. Therapy, I’m starting to think its just another name for “Get your head out of your ass” time. As far as betting goes, this changes plenty.

Before they even knew how long Ben would be suspended the odds already flinched. Read more.

And then the penalty was stiff. It was downright harsh. Six fucking games! Six fucking games for being a creep? That’s pretty harsh. But not surprising when looking at the Dungeon master Roger Goodell. Read more.

So what about the Steelers now? They bring Byron Leftwitch who might fuck things up some more, and to make matter worse the shit show has already begun in the PA. It’s getting political on him now, maybe forcing your way on some frail college chick is frowned upon Ben.  Suddenly, Steeler fans aren’t letting it slide too easily, while the players give their token support, the owners may have just grown tired of Ben’s act. It’s hard to believe it, but there are rumors of trade talks involving Ben. Read more.

Ben is seriously tweeking NFL betting in so many ways it’s ridiculous. Six games is a long time. Teams can be destroyed in their first six games. And how will he be when he gets back, rusty? Probably. How long will he need? One game or two, it doesn’t matter the season is over. Or, does Leftwich ignite this team, do they return to smashmouf and rally? I can’t call it. I’m surprised Leftwitch is still in the league considering what he’s been through. Good for him I guess, fucks me over, because he’s definitely a wildcard.

Forget the season, I’m wondering how this is going to affect the draft. More importantly, this could affect some prop bets. About the draft, let’s get that baby started. Three days of potentially franchise changing picks. Interestingly, you would think the extra time in three days is changing the dynamic of the draft, you’d have to assume more time, more research equals better selections, but it’s always a gamble. Look at the gamble the Steelers made on Big Ben. You just never know how these picks are going to turn out. Two and half years ago Steeler Fan would have told you Big Ben was one of the greatest things to ever happen to the Steelers since Bradshaw, he probably wouldn’t have been alone in that. I wonder if those people are still singing the same tune.