NFL Draft: The Gamble Within The Gamble

Eagles Saints FootballThe NFL Draft for sportsbooks is like foreplay before the NFL season. It’s a great opportunity to attract bettors recently displaced or new bettors looking for a new and exciting betting experience. The best way sportsbooks can expand during events like the draft is by offering attractive and appealing betting options and exciting prop bets.

Gambling on the NFL draft is always great especially when you know what the fuck you’re doing. Oddly enough, it seems some gamblers may know more than some GM’s given some of the busted picks we have seen over the history of the draft. Read more.

But to sit here and poke fun is the easy part, we’re not the guys on the clock with the future of a franchise hinging on our next pick. For NFL GM’s and owners the NFL draft is one big gamble. You can never really know what you’re truly getting in a player. It’s a gamble that GM’s and owners have to take. They do their research, they compile the statistics, they take the measurements, they watch all film possible and still it all boils down to a gamble. Basically to a GM, millions of dollars will be invested into a guy that may become the league’s next superstar and Pro Bowler, or it could be a guy that is so shitty, he’s not only a waste of a pick but now he might be the reason you get canned. There’s just so many variables that can turn a pick sour, and who can really predict how a player adjusts to the NFL scene? You can do all your preliminary scouting and assessments but the NFL is a different animal. Is he going to be stand-up player, who comes to work hard everyday, or is he going to be selling cocaine out of the trunk of his car and pistol whipping hookers? You just never know.

Over the years we’ve seen players who were tough in college and ended up being made of glass in the NFL. There’s been guys with promise that have held out for more money, only to get paid and then shit the bed. There’s been heralded guarantees that flopped and guys that just didn’t live up to the hype. You look at a guy like Brady Quinn, and while the jury is still out on his career, so far he’s not exactly what many thought he would be.

So where can you go to second guess the big wigs? There’s nothing more satisfying than completely taking the piss out of a GM for a draft pick, and then watching that bad pick be as shitty as you thought he would be. It almost makes you think you should be on the clock. But let’s be real, these guys don’t make shitloads of money because they make mistakes often. Gamble or no gamble, as a GM in the NFL, your goose can get cooked pretty fast for a bad pick. That is, unless you’re the Washington Redskins.

Those of us who have done our homework and studied every mock draft out there can’t wait to get this draft party started. Not much live action out there, but sportsbooks are putting out their best props for the NFL draft. Read more.