North Carolina sweepstakes parlors kicking up a stink

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Regulate it, tax it, everyone's a winner

Regulate it, tax it, everyone’s a winner

We’ve already seen this in Columbus, Ohio, where they go by the name of ‘internet cafes’. Down in Wilson, North Carolina, they happily refer to them as ‘sweepstakes parlors’ – and perhaps that’s where they’ve gone wrong, because now the mayor is pissed. “We’ve had a lot of people complain about them,” says Bruce Rose. “It’s a form of gambling.” No shit, Mayor. Still, there ain’t anything he can do about it because the video slots have swerved the laws by means of being connected to a remote server. Oh no, hold on, there is. They can consider zoning regulations that could restrict sweepstakes machines to certain areas of town. Right, that’ll work… Call me old-fashioned but won’t it save everyone a lot of time if they just legalize what’s going on anyway and make $480 million for their trouble? Just a thought. Read more.


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