Fastrack To Getting Knee Capped At Casinos

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casinogangstersApparently, casinos don’t actually kneecap people anymore for trying to cheat and defraud them out of millions of dollars, what they do is use what they term as the “legal system” to dish out justice to the purps trying to get over on them. Fair enough, but kneecapping sounds like a better deterrent to me. Perhaps the lack of a deterrent is how Josh Axelrad managed to rip off casinos for over $700,000 in his career as blackjack player.

Who is Josh Axelrad? Does anyone really know who this guy is? I can’t assume that he’s using his real name, he’d be a fool to do so. Who he claims to be is a card counting genius, who ripped off casinos by playing an elaborate system of blackjack. He wrote a damn book about it, which I haven’t and will never read. I can only assume he got tired of winning, otherwise, why blow your cover? Either that, or he stopped winning and decided to cut his losses by writing a book. Whatever the case is, the most interesting thing to me about his story wasn’t his story, it was the fact that what he was doing wasn’t illegal in casinos. What? Apparently, card counting is cool as a fan with casinos, in fact, they damn near encourage it. I can only assume they do so because they realize the percentage of people that will actually be successful at it is very low, compared to amount of idiots that will try it and lose their money. Still, that’s pretty cocky, isn’t it, daring people to try and cheat? It prompted me to find out what the most common and successful ways that people use to try and get over on casinos and even online casinos…

The results I came up with were staggering. Everyone claims to have a full proof system to beat this to beat that, this software will help you beat this game, and this software or book will help you win this much at a casino and blah blah blah. The whole internet is littered with that shit. So screw that research, I guess the obvious question is, why would anyone sell a secret like that? One guy is selling his reverse roulette system, this potentially multi million dollar secret goes for just $49.95? Doesn’t make sense, but it does if you’re full of shit and just hoping there’s enough idiots out there that will buy into your nonsense.

There are however successful cheaters. Cats that have got cheating casinos down to a science. The funny thing about most of these guys is that they are always genius enough to figure out a way to cheat the casino despite all the security and the counter cheating measures casinos take, but they never seem to be smart enough to get away with it. Case in point, a guy featured on the History Channel named Tommy Carmichael. This guy used to invent devices to cheat slot machines. I didn’t even know that was possible. It is, and typically there are groups of slot cheaters that can rip off older slot machines for thousands in less than an hour. Carmichael was apparently the Michael Jordan of cheating slots. He’d invent different devices, the slots manufacturer would counter by changing the machines and then he’d invent a newer device and be right back at it again. Typically, Tommy got busted all the time, several times in fact, before finally ending up in jail as well as the Nevada Black Book.

I guess the only time cheating a casino really works these days is if you are an expert card counter in blackjack or if you’re a member of the cast of Oceans 11.


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