Online Casinos Not Passing The Buck

Regulate-gambleOnline gambling is a hotly contested subject in many areas of the world. Many opponents feel that the practice of online gambling is detrimental to society, yet many of these same opponents support state run lotteries and casinos. Among the chief complaints is that online gambling promotes irresponsible gambling in its users. Though these claims have never been substantiated by any real evidence, the argument persists. Instead of passing the buck, the online gaming industry appears to be moving towards a more socially conscious position.

Online casinos companies like Betfair have recently developed their own sustainable gambling department which is designed to ensure that the company’s transactions are sustainable for its players. Read more.

There are other online gambling companies that have similar programs in place to protect at risk gamblers and this trend is likely to continue moving forward. It’s all a way of the online gambling industry showing its willingness to address the concerns of its opponents and its clients and despite the constant criticism the industry faces, these actions reflect strong self regulating infrastructure that many gaming operators pride themselves on. In Costa Rica many gaming operators are already taking part in “green” activities by recycling technological waste. There are even online gambling companies that engage in planting trees for every new account created. Ultimately, these trends amount to a shift to maintain and create sustainable online gambling in all markets.

The repercussions of creating sustainable gambling are extensive, with the most significant effect being that it will facilitate regulated online gambling in many places. If online gambling companies build their own infrastructure for responsible gaming, it places pressure on governments to really consider regulating and licensing the industry in places were it is considered illegal. With a responsible gambling infrastructure already in place the government’s role becomes easy, they issue licenses and collect revenue, sounds simple enough. The fact is, as more online gambling companies join the trend of sustainable and responsible gambling, they are actually more advanced and more effective than government run online gambling operations, many of which do not have a Sustainable gambling department in place and rely on contributions to social programs.

Soon opponents of online gambling will have less of an argument than they already have to oppose online gambling without opposing all gambling. It could turn into a situation where opponents can’t beat them, and must join them. People aren’t robots, and most users would feel more comfortable signing up with an industry that is environmentally conscious and socially responsible.