Looking For The Asian Vegas

Okay girls, break out the lotion...
Okay girls, break out the lotion...

Las Vegas is truly a one of a kind place and has very few if any rivals in North America. Nothing quite captures each and every sense and desire like Sin City. But it’s becoming more and more apparent that way across the pond in the Asian domain something is brewing. The Asian gambling market continues to grow and casinos keep sprouting up to cater to it. My question is, where’s the Asian Vegas?

One of the destinations that has to be pretty close to the North American version of Vegas is Macau. As one of fastest growing gambling industries in the world Macau is a good candidate for being the Asian Vegas. It has casinos, plenty of lush restaurants with delicious foreign foods, live entertainment and of course the one thing that is a must, beautiful women. The only strike against Macau is that it doesn’t have that many nightclubs, perhaps because the casinos are so awesome people just party all night there. Can’t say I know for sure, but its probably worth finding out.

Cambodia is trying to make noise on the Asian scene, and has been freely opening its borders to the Vietnamese and Thais in an effort to boost tourism. The Thais must know something I don’t, because I’d be just a little hesitant about going to what used to be a poverty stricken Cambodia. Apparently, the city of Bavet in Cambodia is becoming quite the party scene, that is, it is becoming a booming casino town capable of competing for the Asian market. Bavet is booming to the degree that a wealthy tycoon Kith Thieng is building a $100 million dollar casino there. So Cambodia might be the next Asian Vegas. Read more.

Aside from gambling, eating and partying, what else can one really do in a place like Macau or Bavet Cambodia? In other words, where the ladies at and what’s the scene like? Which of these Asian hot spots has that lethal combination of beautiful weather, endless entertainment and more tail than you can shake a stick at? If these casino’s really hope to attract other countries they should spruce up the advertisement a bit. You hear so many horror stories about some of these places that having nice casinos doesn’t always justify the risk. Tales of police corruption and people waking up in the middle of the night, drugged and a few organs light aren’t exactly the North American traveler’s cup of tea. I want to see scantly clad asian girls, preferably in school girl outfits, serving drinks and giving massages, happy endings optional. If these Asian hot spots start advertising like that, in no time at all North Americans like myself will be flocking over by the boat full. No pun intended.