Stakes grow for Virginia’s internet sweepstakes parlors

TAGs: North Carolina, Virginia internet sweepstakes

VIrginiaWhackIn Virginia, it is illegal for a private citizen to run a game of chance that pays a prize and that requires participants to pay or provide something of value to play. But if any one of the required elements – prize, chance and consideration – is missing, it is not illegal gambling. So internet parlors, some with as many as 40 terminals, have begun offering sweepstakes tickets to people who rent computer time. The operators point out this is nothing different from what transpires down at the local grocery store, but instead of stocking up on paper towels and Triscuits, parlor patrons are playing keno and card games on a computer. In store fronts and office buildings across Virginia and North Carolina, new sweepstakes parlors are popping up. But is the law getting ready to play Whack-A-Mole? Read more.


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