SuperBowl Checklist

bodog-football-girlSports fans and Sportsbooks this is your time to shine, in a few short weeks the biggest game of the year will be upon us…The Superbowl. The Superbowl is by far the biggest sporting event of the year for many sportsbooks, but it is also the climax of most North American sportsbook’s busiest and most profitable season.

This year will not disappoint, it’s the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints, it’s Peyton Manning up against his old man’s former team and it’s Drew Brees’s day of reckoning. So what do you need to make this Superbowl one for the ages?

First you need some booze. Superbowl Sunday isn’t quite Superbowl Sunday without a couple cold brews, that’s basic. Just don’t have too many like the ghosts of Superbowls past have and miss the game.

The situation gets a little hairy if you’re on the job, perhaps in a call center, and having to answer the phones. I say fuck it. Go to seven eleven, grab a big gulp, pour that shit out and fill it to the brim with the drink of your choice and sip that thing until the halftime refill. The Superbowl comes around only once a year, your boss will understand. If he gives you fuzz, offer him some too.

Next, you’ll need some beautiful girls around. Nothing says I love football more than a bunch of hot jersey clad women slamming drinks down trying to figure out which team is winning. Of course, there’s always the one or two girls that know a little more than you do…Awesome.

You got your chips, you got your salsa, booze check, pretty girls check, but do you have a team? It’s just not right to sit on the fence during the Superbowl. If I’m not mistaken, fence sitters helped cause the holocaust! Pick a team, whether they are your team or not, and root for them till your voice goes hoarse.

If you’re at work, you’ll probably have to use your office voice and cheer for the team the House supports, but it’s all good, you can’t bite the hand that feeds you…Especially if they’re feeding you booze.

Okay, food check, booze check, girls check, team check, the only thing left is that big screen TV. There’s nothing worse than watching the BIG game on a tiny TV. You might as well take a kick in the balls if you plan on watching the big show on some cell phone monitor size TV! As a side note to Canadian viewers, shell out whatever it takes to flip the cable to the U.S channels. Why? The U.S commercials in the Superbowl are almost just as entertaining as the game itself, you get everyone’s best and major companies shell out big bucks for the airtime, so they usually come correct.

Now you have everything you need to enjoy the biggest Sunday of the year.