Becky’s Bender: Miami Misbehavior Part Uno

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SBR Jellobiafra!!!

Welcome to Miami, bienvenido a Miami. I freakin’ love this city. I love it even more when I get to drink fine wine with Vegas Insider’s Peter Gold and then party with the cream of the crop SBR Forum posters at the Clevelander…talk about the best of both worlds.

I was in town conducting a handicapping interview series, but we all know once the interviews are over, it’s time to booze. My night began, well, in the middle of the day. While interviewing Peter on the terrace of his Biltmore Hotel suite, he ordered up a very nice bottle of red, just to make things more interesting and fun. Several bottles of wine and an exquisite Italian meal later, I made my way from the Biltmore into Miami Beach to join the SBR Mini-Bash at the Clevelander.

Vegas Insider's Peter

Vegas Insider's Peter

Now this is when the misbehavior starts. My taxi pulled up to the Clevelander, and first thing I see in the crowded bar is the Loshak stache- the real one on Loshak and the fake one that was being passed around for all to try on. You cannot miss that damn thing, and did you know SBR sells fake Loshak staches? Great xmas gift, by the way.

The Loshak Stache

The Loshak Stache

Anyway, my SBR buds had secured a spot by the bar and they were absolutely PLASTERED, each and every one of them. My boy SBR Breadly was decked out in a “cockblocker” visor, and even though he was in a pissy mood, his awesome wife Robyn was giving him so much shit that the whole thing was absolutely hilarious. Jellobiafra and Matt Rain were in rare form, but I have to be honest, I was disappointed that Jellobiafra was not wearing the ass-less chaps like he had promised- I was really looking forward to that. Amby and the infamous “Dance Girl” hooked me up with a drink the minute I walked into the place, so I planted myself next to them and joined the drunken madness.

The Clevelander itself was packed, and some of our SBR crew (Bread) even graced the dance floor to the delight of every single patron in attendance. In fact, we were having so much fun that an ambulance arrived under the impression that we were just a little too drunk. Hey, no harm done- they came, we made a scene, they left. No big deal. Well, we kinda got kicked out of the Clevelander after the ambulance episode, but we were getting ready to leave anyway, so who cares.

High School Prom

High School Prom

To finish off the night, Loshak, Robyn and I hit Sushi Samba on Lincoln, and just to spice things up a bit, I gave my high school prom date a call and invited him to join us. He lives in Miami, so why not, right? I like seeing people for the first time in 13 years when I’m shitfaced and hanging with Loshak.

Now that’s a good night out in Miami.

Damn you, Lostache!


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