Staying Ahead of the Gaming Makes Dollars and Sense

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Who remembers the good old days? Who remembers the days when online gambling was about as easy to do as a nymphomaniac roommate who’s into porn? Well maybe not that easy, but close.

Things have changed and the online gambling world has had to take steps to keep pace and stay ahead of the times. Companies that have not been able to adapt to the changing online environment pay the price, while those that were successful in adapting have become front runners. With all of the legislative changes, what a gambler can and cannot do has become increasingly harder to articulate. Many online gaming companies have found it difficult to keep clients who are no longer able to make transactions as freely as they once did. With the December 1st deadline for the complete implementation of The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, there is an atmosphere of fear mongering among the large U.S market, just another hurdle that online gambling companies must find a way around. For some, it’s too high to get over, too low to get under, and they find themselves stuck in the middle. The ultimate result is those who do not adapt, will lose their market share to other gaming companies who are more prepared. It doesn’t sound fair, but we’ve seen it happen before and it’s happening right now.

The biggest pain in the ass is deposits and payouts. Banks are being advised to scrutinize transactions from offshore gaming sites, and to deny all transactions of the like, every gaming company worth its salt knows and has known this. But it seems that it’s what the gambling nation does not know, is what hurts online gaming companies the most.

Most players don’t know what the hell is going on. They just don’t. And who can blame them? The actual intricacies of the legislation passed are numerous and not many gamblers, or poker players hustling to get their play in are up to date. In fact, many gamblers are not aware that the legislation does not actually target them as the individual.

Organizations that issue newsletters, emails, updates or anything that can inform their clients about what all of this legislation actually means for them, the client, have seen better results in keeping players on their site. Then there is the bread and butter, the questions every gambler wants to know, “How do I still play”? “How do I get my money”? “Will I get in trouble with the fuzz”? The truth is, the answers for these questions change almost daily.

Bottom line is that no U.S gambler is going to be in the cross hairs of one of Cheney’s Bourne Identity like seals, hanging out with a sniper rifle outside their apartment window. And no, the ATF will not be breaching their Frat house with tear gas in the near future, nor when they go to cash their cheques will red sirens go off with secret service flying out of the woodwork. It’s just not going to happen. But each gaming entity must do their homework to ensure the most carefree playing experience for their client base.

It seems the best defense is always a good offense. The Online gaming companies that continue to grow, seem to be able to implement a free flow of information to their clients on the most reliable methods to deposit and withdraw funds from their sites. This information includes common misconceptions and grey areas so that the client is well informed and not rattled to the point of insanity when their payout takes an extra week or two or three or six!

We found that there does exists numerous resources with informative material on the details of the restrictive legislation, like the Offshore Gaming Association and other informative sites like Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative and many more, that provide insight and valuable information for online gaming sites to help them stay ahead of the game. There is also a really great Online Casino Guide over at