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20th September 2017  
The Story

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has found fault with Paddy Power’s “Always Bet on Black” betting campaign during the Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor fight.


Refresh my memory about this campaign.

Paddy Power used the tag “Always Bet on Black” in its newspaper ads. The ads received nine complaints by readers who were upset over what they perceived as references to Mayweather’s race. This led them to believe that the ad was capable of causing serious or widespread offense.


Mayweather found the ads funny.

Paddy Power said that the tagline was a well-known quote by black actor Wesley Snipes in the 1992 film Passenger 57. It also said that Mayweather himself had approved the campaign and “found the line funny, rather than offensive or derogatory.”


The unbeaten boxer even put the slogan on his undies.

In fact, the underwear Mayweather wore at the pre-fight weigh-in was embroidered with the same slogan and the boxing champion posted an image of himself wearing these skivvies on social media, which he wasn’t required to do as part of his deal with the betting company.


But the ASA still found the ads as offensive.

The ad watchdog said that the quote was not known by all readers and that since the Mayweather-McGregor fight was between members of two races, the invitation to always bet on a black boxer over a white one was likely to cause serious offense.



Paddy Power is known for being cheeky and deviant, compared to other companies which work their asses off to not hurt snowflakes. Being admonished by the ADA won’t stop them for doing what they do best.


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