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On 26 March 2015, Thursday  
RAWA hearing: dogs, ponies and occasional sanity
Steven Stradbrooke
House Judiciary subcommittee hears testimony on the Restoration of America's Wire Act which would ban most forms of online gambling.
Why Bitcoin is fit for Asia's online gambling
Rebecca Liggero
We know Asia is a massive target for online gambling companies because of the potential revenue. Bitcoin is a great fit for online gambling.
Twitch Gets Hacked
Lee Davy
Twitch may have been hacked, prompting the Twitch security team to reset all users passwords and stream keys.
Diamond Flush to be Honored at the iGaming awards
Lee Davy
Former journalist, Diamond Flush, who passed away last year, will be honored at the iGaming North America awards.
SEO Tip of the Week: Affiliate avoidance checklist
It is really important that users trust you, these are often misleading, Page Don't Have Purpose and Generally quite Unhelpful.
Press Releases
Betfair Launches “Betfair Predicts” General Election App
Betfair have launched Betfair Predicts, an app that aims to show how the Betfair Exchange is calling the General Election in real time.
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