Scandanavian Affiliate Super Summit

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If you’re a fan of tall blond women or men who can turn on that icy Nordic charm and whisk you off your feet, and a large English speaking population, then the Scandinavian Affiliate Super Summit (SASS) 2010, taking place in Stockholm, Sweden, from November 30th through December 2nd is one event you cant fail to attend.

Now in its second year, the event presents a networking opportunity all the way from entry level to top performing affiliates in Scandinavia. SASS is organised by Michael Whittam and everyone at iGaming Forum, and looks at the behemoth that is the Scandinavian market and its plethora of unique characteristics.

Attendance last year was up at around 250, and there’s likely to be many more taking part in 2010 down, in no small part, to the laid-back party lifestyle that is on offer whilst the conference is on the Swedish capital. It may well be a brisk time of the year, but it wont dampen your mood to party one bit – trust us!

As far as conference activities themselves, these take place over the first two days of the event with a number of in-depth round tables on anything from casino, poker, and bingo to sportbooks and alternative gaming discussions.
Running from 9-5 on both the two days will be the Bloggers Bar, where the media and blogger can retreat to in order to network and do anything else that those media bods do.

The conference itself starts off at 10am with a welcome guide and newcomer program meet up, then a panel looks at the best site submissions in advance before presenting the topic “SEO excellence in business.” Later on in the afternoon there will be a debate on Lead Generation and how social media is increasingly becoming even more important. The last subject of the day comes under the title “Jackass Affiliate Marketing” and attempts to teach how not to be one!

If your hangovers not too bad, then head over on day two which starts off with the curiously named “Wordpress on Steroids for SEO,” which will attempt to illustrate how best to use the site. The next topic is mobile affiliate marketing, before everyone will retire to the poker tournament that takes place over the afternoon and evening. In between all the round tables, and key-note speeches, there will be ample opportunity to network with anyone ad everyone in the affiliate world.

If all this wasn’t enough, day three gives the attendees an opportunity to experience a traditional Swedish Julbord, and yet more networking through the art of drinking before you head back home and pine after Scandinavia for another year.